Thursday, November 19, 2009


From Anachronistic to Avant-garde: The Transformation of The Stagnant Self into a Series of Everliving Epiphanies

I guess this will be my theme for the coming year, a mission to bring myself out of an uninspired slump onto the creative fast-track.


Well, why not?

My meal ticket's at stake, I'm in one of the best places to work, I've got the goods (I think), and even though trends come full circle, I might not live till the day where renaissance men (pseudo-renaissance men, to be modest, and perhaps a bit more honest) like myself are highly sought after.

Ahem, ergo, I will have to change with the times, won't I? Change my mindset, change my attitude, revamp and refurbish my thoughts and thought processes, defragment my neural pathways, and start getting focused on everything else but the past. Times are indeed changing, and holding on to certain things for dear life ain't gonna cut me a big enough slice of the capitalist pie.

"If it works, it's obsolete."

If the theme doesn't materialise, one thing's for sure: at least I know I left where I came from, and I'm moving. It's like Toyota, moving forward.

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